• 19/08/2003

Apache modules

Below is a list of all of the modules that come as part of the Apache distribution. See also the list of modules sorted alphabetically and the complete alphabetical list of all Apache directives. For modules that are not part of the Apache distribution, please see http://modules.apache.org.


Core Core Apache features

Environment Creation

mod_env Passing of environments to CGI scripts mod_setenvif Apache 1.3 and up Set environment variables based on client information mod_unique_id Apache 1.3 and up Generate unique request identifier for every request

Content Type Decisions

mod_mime Determining document types using file extensions mod_mime_magic Determining document types using “magic numbers” mod_negotiation Content negotiation

URL Mapping

mod_alias Mapping different parts of the host filesystem in the document tree, and URL redirection mod_rewrite Apache 1.2 and up Powerful URI-to-filename mapping using regular expressions mod_userdir User home directories mod_speling Apache 1.3 and up Automatically correct minor typos in URLs mod_vhost_alias Apache 1.3.7 and up Support for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting

Directory Handling

mod_dir Basic directory handling mod_autoindex Automatic directory listings

Access Control

mod_access Access control based on client hostname or IP address mod_auth User authentication using text files mod_auth_dbm User authentication using DBM files mod_auth_db User authentication using Berkeley DB files mod_auth_anon Apache 1.1 and up Anonymous user access to authenticated areas mod_auth_digest Apache 1.3.8 and up Experimental MD5 authentication mod_digest Apache 1.1 and up MD5 authentication

HTTP Response

mod_headers Apache 1.2 and up Add arbitrary HTTP headers to resources mod_cern_meta Apache 1.1 and up Support for HTTP header metafiles mod_expires Apache 1.2 and up Apply Expires: headers to resources mod_asis Sending files which contain their own HTTP headers

Dynamic Content

mod_include Server-parsed documents mod_cgi Invoking CGI scripts mod_actions Apache 1.1 and up Executing CGI scripts based on media type or request method mod_isapi WIN32 only Windows ISAPI Extension support

Internal Content Handlers

mod_status Apache 1.1 and up Server status display mod_info Apache 1.1 and up Server configuration information


mod_log_config User-configurable logging replacement for mod_log_common mod_log_agent Logging of User Agents mod_log_referer Logging of document references mod_usertrack Apache 1.2 and up User tracking using Cookies (replacement for mod_cookies.c)


mod_imap Apache 1.1 and up The imagemap file handler mod_proxy Apache 1.1 and up Caching proxy abilities mod_so Apache 1.3 and up Support for loading modules (DLLs on Windows) at runtime mod_mmap_static Apache 1.3 and up Experimental file caching, mapping files into memory to improve performace mod_ssl Apache 1.3 with mod_ssl applied Apache SSL interface to OpenSSL


mod_example Apache 1.2 and up Demonstrates Apache API


mod_browser Apache 1.2.* only Set environment variables based on User-Agent strings. Replaced by mod_setenvif in Apache 1.3 and up mod_cookies up to Apache 1.1.1 Support for Netscape-like cookies. Replaced in Apache 1.2 by mod_usertrack mod_dld Apache 1.2.* and earlier Start-time linking with the GNU libdld. Replaced in Apache 1.3 by mod_so mod_log_common up to Apache 1.1.1 Standard logging in the Common Logfile Format. Replaced by the mod_log_config module in Apache 1.2 and up

Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3