• 13/04/2004



「香港漫畫節」歷屆成績驕人,人流一年勝一年,吸引力非其他展銷會可比。今年是第五屆,大會繼續選用規模最大、配套完善、交通方便的香港會議展覽中心作基地,估計入場人數達38萬,能在逆市引發如此驚人商機,捨我其誰! ‧第一屆入場人數 22萬 ‧第二屆入場人數 28萬 ‧第三屆入場人數 30萬 ‧第四屆入場人數 33萬

‧第五屆入場人數 預計38萬

The best venue for a record number of vistors
We are expecting a record breaking number – 380,000 – of visitors this year. The world famous exhibition venue, The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, is easily the best choice. The total floor space of 120,000 square feet will be divided into different thematic zones to accommodate different categories of exhibitors. An unmatched opportunity is waiting for you. Join us and be one of the happy winners.