• 13/04/2004



‧廣告與推介篇幅遍及全港暢銷漫畫、雜誌 ‧電視廣告 ‧電台廣告 ‧報 章廣告 ‧戶外大型廣告 ‧各式公關採訪

Extensive media coverage
Hong Kong Comics Festival has always drawn an enormous amount of media attention from home and abroad. Reports, interviews and special supplements carry on for months, both before and after the event. Hundreds of reporters from various media attend the event in person to experience it first hand. Media coverage is overwhelming and interest in this year’s event is already promising to be even bigger. A series of attention-getting promotions, valued in the millions, are guaranteed to keep interest in the 2003 Festival at an all-time high. Targeted media: Best selling magazines and comic books, TV, Radio, Newspapers, PR channels.