• 15/04/2005


  • 兒童Fun World令兒童開心、家長放心的好玩區域,設置大量新穎有趣的玩意,包括與最受歡迎的卡通人物拍照,新款超級吹氣遊戲, 鐵達尼號與巨大恐龍隨時會在展場出現,電動車仔迷宮,兒童WarGame,有獎遊戲及比賽等,讓家長與子女盡情歡樂,擴大目標觀眾的層面,令展覽更為家長認同。
  • 兒童模仿歌唱大賽多才多藝、樂於表現,是新世代兒童的特點,家長們亦引以為榮,全力鼓勵。兒童模仿歌唱大賽有助培養小孩子的自信心,是家長教師們支持的課外活動,勢將流行成風,成為傳媒追捧的大熱話題。
  • 攤位遊戲嘉年華精心設計易玩易v獎的攤位遊戲,多Fun勁開心,精美禮物、超級大獎送個不停,好容易滿載而歸。
  • 精品Wonderland集中全城最熱賣精品、罕見珍藏,令細路大人愛不釋手,開心大破慳囊。
  • 即紋即有化妝館兒童最Fun花面貓,年輕人最In


  • Children’s Fun WorldEverything is geared for children. Activities are suitable for parents and kids to spend a day having fun. Visitors get the chance to take pictures with popular comic characters. Huge inflatable set-up for excitment and pure fun are there to catch your attention, and your breath too. Mini-car touring maze, children’s war game…and the list goes on.
  • Children’s Imitation Singing ContestTalented performers are not limited to adults. Children’s imitation singing contest is one of the most popular activities welcomed not just by kids but by parents and teachers who agree that it is a valuable experience for kids to build confidence.
  • Stall Games CarnivalEveryone wants to get lucky. Everyone wants to prove one’s skill. Everyone wants to take the grand prize home. Stall games have the magic power to attract people.
  • Collectibles WonderlandHuge collections of premiums, rarely found items, and gift items for sale. A place where people are most likely to spend freely.
  • Face Painting Gallery
    Let the magic brushes of the experienced make up artists add some colour on your face, and to the whole event.