• 19/08/2003

Manual Page: logresolve – Apache HTTP Server

NAME logresolve - resolve hostnames for IP-addresses in Apache logfiles SYNOPSIS logresolve [ -s filename ] [ -c ] < access_log > access_log.new DESCRIPTION logresolve is a post-processing program to resolve IP- addresses in Apache's access logfiles. To minimize impact on your nameserver, logresolve has its very own internal hash- table cache. This means that each IP number will only be looked up the first time it is found in the log file. OPTIONS -s filename Specifies a filename to record statistics. -c This causes logresolve to apply some DNS checks: after finding the hostname from the IP address, it looks up the IP addresses for the hostname and checks that one of these matches the origi- nal address. SEE ALSO httpd(8)