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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

For many of us, weight loss is a lifelong struggle. While in many cases, poor discipline and lifestyle choices may be to blame, in other cases, our inability to shed excess weight has to do with misinformation about what constitutes a healthy diet. Or in some cases, doing the exact opposite of what we’ve been told about weight loss could be all that is needed to get the results we wanted. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the most common reasons people struggle with weight loss.

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You Eat Too Many Starches and Sugars

Going on a low carb diet is most definitely the best way to lose weight. For many years, we have been told that things like red meat and fat are the enemy of weight loss, but according to New York times bestseller The Big Fat Surprise, much of these myths have been perpetrated by various government agencies, lobbies and self-serving medical authorities for their own purposes. Not only can cutting carbs reduce insulin levels and help you shed water weight, but high protein diets can boost your metabolism while reducing hunger pangs at the same time.

You Focus too Much on Calories

While it is true that it is essential to burn more calories than you take in if you want to lose weight, not all calories are created equal. For instance, by adopting a high protein diet, you could actually eat more calories than you would on a regular diet and still lose the same amount of weight.

The reason behind this is simple. Different foods demand different levels of energy to be processed, and foods that are high in protein take much more energy and time to digest than simple sugars for instance. Not only that, but protein promotes muscle mass, and muscle mass requires more energy to be maintained, which increases the weight loss benefits of protein.

You Drink too Much

A lot of people are still unaware of how calorie dense beer can be and how detrimental it can be to weight loss. You could have the best diet in the world, but if you’re a regular beer drinker, chances are you are consuming way too many calories. If you want a better option, try to stick with unsweetened wine, or hard liquors like whiskey, vodka or cognac in small doses. And avoid sweet chasers and drinks as well.

You Rely on Artificial Sweeteners

Many people assume that artificial sweeteners are a good option because they’re lower in calories. But many studies have shown that they could have a bad effect on weight loss. According to one particular study, people who used artificial sweeteners had more frequent cravings for sweet foods, which increased their sweet food consumption as a result.

Just making more informed diet decisions could have a dramatic effect on your weight loss efforts. Make sure that you follow the few tips in this article if you want to enhance your results.