First Time in a Thai Restaurant

While at the grocery store, I ran into a woman who was reaching for the same loaf of bread that I was getting. We started making small talk and exchanged numbers, and we agreed to go out on a date. She told me that her favorite food was Thai food, so I looked for a good restaurant that served Thai food in Fremont. I had never tried Thai food before, so this was going to be my first time eating it. The only times I had really eaten Asian cuisine were when I ordered from Chinese restaurants.

There was one local place that had a lot of good reviews from people who visited it. They said the prices were pretty reasonable, the staff was excellent, and the food was great, so I had something to look forward to in this restaurant. My date hadn’t been to this place before, so she was going to be experiencing it for the first time with me. If the restaurant was a great as the reviews said they were, I would leave my own positive review on one of the review websites.

At the restaurant, my date and I looked over the menu. Since my date loves Thai food, the menu choices looked familiar to her. I asked her what she would recommend for someone who was trying Thai for the first time, and she recommended that I go with the Pad Thai, as long as I didn’t have any allergies to peanuts. We placed our orders and talked some more while eating appetizers. When our entrees came to the table, they looked amazing. The meal was really flavorful and put me in a mood to try some more Thai foods. I left a good tip for the waiter and my date and I went back to my place.